Celtics Heritage Collection

Own a piece of Celtics history.

The Boston Celtics have partnered with OpenSea to offer our fans a chance to own a piece of Celtics lore. This officially licensed collection provides the opportunity for fans to own NFTs of the franchise's championship banners along with limited edition cards featuring Lucky the Leprechaun. Minted on the blockchain in limited supply, these NFTs give fans the chance to be a part of yet another chapter in our storied 75-year history. Collect one or all of these limited-edition offerings!

A Series for Every Fan

Celtics Heritage Collection

Champs Banner

Champs Series

This series features a limited edition run of the Boston Celtics 17 championship banners digitally reproduced as collector NFTs. Collect this digital representation of our illustrious history.

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Crypto Champ Banner

Crypto Champs Series

We have developed a banner fit for the cryptoart space. The 2008 championship banner is the only NFT currently minted in this series, making it smaller than the rest.

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Lucky Cards

Lucky Cards Series

Digitally chronicle the mascot of the most-storied franchise in all of sports with a series that celebrates 75 years of Celtics basketball. Ranging from the early 1950's through the 2000's, each set is inspired by design elements, typefaces, color palettes, and textures representative of their respective eras.

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Collection details

Get in on the Action

The Celtics Heritage Collection is being offered exclusively on OpenSea.

NFTs in the collection are available for purchase on the OpenSea marketplace . Some limited edition NFTs with special offers were sold to the highest bidder via an English auction. All purchases are subject to the Celtics Heritage Collection Terms & Conditions as well as OpenSea's Terms of Service

Buy-it-now items are available for purchase on the secondary market, subject to availability. The auctions for the 1-of-7 Gold Edition Champs Series NFTs, the 1-of-7 2008 Crypto Champs Gold Edition NFT and the 1-of-3 Lucky Card Series NFTs have ended.

For questions relating to the sale of NFTs on OpenSea, please visit the OpenSea Help Center .

Important auction points:

  • All NFTs sold via auction were sold to the highest bidder, English auction style, subject to reserve pricing.
  • You will need to connect an Ethereum wallet (e.g. MetaMask) that is compatible with the OpenSea platform to purchase an NFT. See here for a list of compatible wallets.
  • In order to purchase, you must pay using ETH - the platform does not accept credit cards.

Meet the People Behind The Art

The Artists

Established in 2007, Elite Edge Productions is considered one of the top video production companies in the country by elevating the production world in the athletic field with high end set design, lighting, and post-production. The company has been honored with 34 Emmy Awards and 7 Telly Awards for video editing, motion graphics, and commercial spot campaigns along with 4 straight Idea Conference Video of the Year awards. With the ability to conceive and create visually stunning content that exceeds expectations, Elite Edge Productions has been producing some of the top sports videos and graphics for years for many of the most iconic brands and teams in the country.

Pixel Hall of Fame represents the work of Chicago based artist and designer, Keenan Wells, and showcases his unique, nostalgic mixture of pixel art and contemporary sports culture. Since starting the project in 2016, Keenan's work has been featured by major sports brands, professional sports teams, and shown in exhibitions internationally.

Aaron Dana is an award-winning illustrator living and working in Framingham, MA. A graduate of Pratt Institute, he specializes in portraiture and the world of sport. The artist behind the New York Times best-selling book Sprawlball, Aaron's work can be seen online, on paper, and on walls for publications, companies, and brands of all shapes and sizes. As a life-long collector and aficionado of vintage sports graphics and ephemera, he loves to explore and celebrate the aesthetics of athletics.

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Get a wallet

So how do I buy a Celtics NFT?

First, you'll need an Ethereum wallet that is compatible with the OpenSea platform. There are several types of wallets with varying levels of convenience and security. You can choose any wallet that you like as long as it supports Ethereum. See here for a list of compatible wallets.

Once you've set up your wallet, you'll need to fund it with ETH. You can purchase ETH on a variety of exchanges online. See here for instructions regarding how to purchase ETH.

Celtics NFTs are available exclusively on the OpenSea marketplace. Once you've purchased ETH and transferred it to your wallet, you will need to create an OpenSea account and connect your wallet to your account in order to purchase or bid on a Celtics NFT. Click here to learn more about bidding and purchasing on OpenSea.

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